Focusing on expansion, social media relevancy, product visualization, and mass-market capitalization, Zapata™ has partnership endorsements with major brands such as Ford Motor Company, X-Dubai, and Guinness World Records among others. Zapata™ also owns rights to the Flyboard© World Cup in Dubai until 2018, and has placement during the European Championship as well as the World Cup.

Zapata™ is gearing up to create a brand new industry within the personal flight sector with our jet technology from the Flyboard Air™. Proprietary stability systems, enhanced maneuverability, bespoke algorithms, and advanced logic boards will make our advantage leaps and bounds above the competition. Other competitors are cumbersome, hampered by weight, inable to be scaled upwards, and do not have full flight redundancy—making Zapata™ flight products safer than a helicopter.


  • X-Dubai – 5 year contract
  • Ford Sponsor at Guinness Book of World Records
  • Hydro-Fest
  • European Championship
  • World Cup


With Zapata’s™ products present at worldwide competitions—as well as competitions Zapata™ sponsors—we have a direct line to consumers who are interested in Hydroflight sports by showcasing our creations to audiences who otherwise might not understand the capabilities of them. By having our products in competitions in Dubai, the United States, and Europe among others with plans to expand to China soon, Zapata™ has a global reach far beyond its competitors.


  • Zapata’s™ products are displayed worldwide
  • Only the best athletes choose Zapata™
  • Exclusive rights to Dubai Championship until 2018