2016 Flyboard® World Cup Results

2016 Flyboard® World Cup Results

Suksan Tongthai wins the 5th Flyboard® World Cup in Naples (Florida) for the 3rd time!

Marseille (France), September 2016 – 52 competitors representing 16 countries participated in the 5th Flyboard® World Cup in Naples (Florida) for three consecutive days (September 16-18). At the end of the competition only one rider emerged to the very top. His name is no stranger to the Flyboard® community. He already won the World Cup in Qatar in 2013 and Dubai in 2014. Thailand rider Suksan Tongthai was at another level in Florida even he thought otherwise: “Everyone one is #1 in Flyboard®. I’m not the only one.” French rider Steve Palma joined him on the podium as well as Damone Rippy for 3rd place despite an ankle injury. “I’m so proud to finish 2nd, said the French man. The level is unbelievable and Suksan was unbeatable.”

In the women category Gemma Weston made a bad fall in the final round against Krysten Smoyer and seriously injured her knee. She was brought to the nearest hospital right away. Krysten wins the ladies World Cup but she didn’t feel like celebrating: “Gemma is my best friend. I’m so sad that she got hurt. Our goal was to finish 1 and 2 but in whatever order. We did it.” The French rider Oceane Corbet ended 3nd after winning her round against japanese Haruka Asano: “I hope that my 3rd place in the world will bring me more sponsors. I’d like to become a pro at Flyboard®.”

The veteran class came down to Todd Sawisch taking the world title. The American native won his battle against close friend Brandon Samuels. In the mean time Sean Shaver ended 3rd in the competition. “I did some pretty big tricks, said Todd. Everything went fine. I couldn’t be happier with that 1st place. It means the world to me.” After everything was set and done the public was lucky enough to witness the first Flyboard® Air demonstration in the United States.

During the banquet, Franky Zapata, inventor of the revolutionary Flyboard®, announced that the 2017 and 2018 Flyboard World Cup Championship will be held in Naples again. See you next year!

Final Rankings

Pro Riders

  1. Suksan Tongthai (Thailand)
  2. Steve Palma (France)
  3. Damone Rippy (USA)
  4. Ashton Beukers (Canada)
  5. Cooper Riggs (USA)
  6. TJ Andrews (USA)
  7. Geoff Hulet (Canada)
  8. Hussain Ibrahim (Maldives)
  9. Aleks Skar (Australia)
  10. Jeffrey Gazzola (France)
  11. David Soldato (USA)
  12. Brody Wells (Canada)
  13. Sonnie bean (UK)
  14. Rush Bragg (USA)
  15. Jesse Gavic (USA)
  16. Jesse Nickell (USA)
  17. Sergei Philippov (Russia)
  18. Caleb Gavic (USA)
  19. Jason Gauthier (USA)
  20. In Hyuk Choi ( Korea)
  21. Bo Krook (Netherlands)
  22. Curtis Pangrass (Canada)
  23. Alexander Khomov (Russia)
  24. Eddik Kanevski (Estonia)
  25. Dennis Kornilovitch (Russia)
  26. Petr Civin
  27. Anton Popov (Russia)
  28. Jonathan Julien (France)
  29. Anugwom Jermaine (USA)
  30. Cassey Lentsch (Canada)
  31. Anthony Gillet (France)
  32. Alexander Maravegias (USA)


  1. Todd Sawisch (USA
  2. Brandon Samuels (USA)
  3. Sean Shaver (USA)
  4. Marc Baxter (USA)
  5. Rodney Nelson (USA)
  6. Antonio Martinez (Spain)
  7. ruce Haglund (USA)
  8. Ozgur Ozbilir (Cyrpius)
  9. Chris Eagen (Canada)
  10. Justin Heyne (USA)


  1. Kristen Smoyer (USA)
  2. Gemma Weston (New Zealand)
  3. Oceane Corbet (France)
  4. Haruka Asano (Japan)
  5. Kim Da Yeob (Korea)
  6. Fernanda Villeneuve (Mexico)
  7. Valentine Cambron (Canada)
  8. Honami Yamaguchi (Japan)
  9. Petra Wijnker (Cyprius)
  10. ania Verlander (USA)

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