Flyboarding Sport Slowly Gaining Popularity Among Thrill-seekers

Flyboarding Sport Slowly Gaining Popularity Among Thrill-seekers

Bengaluru: Among the various showcases in “NammaBengalurHabba”, one event seemed to be getting the maximum clicks and selfies. Sankey Lake, accustomed to slow paddle boat rides, for a change had something fast and exciting to offer to the Habba crowd - flyboarding.

In 2014, Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif's Bang Bang used flyboards in a sequence, popularising the sport in India. Three years later, flyboarding has gained huge popularity among tourists.

The water sport was showcased at the Habba as three stuntmen from Flyboard Nation performed various stunts like dolphin dives and flips.

Goa based “Flyboard Nation India” are the only certified instructors of the sport in India.

“It is a device attached to the jetski, and through the force of water, we float in the air. That’s about it. We have been doing that for the last two hours,” flyboader Ajay.

“Basic flying up to a height of six to eight feet high can be done with 15-20 minutes of training, but for stunts we do for shows like the Bengaluru Habba, you need at least one month of training. There are no training centres in India,” added Ajay.

The training course to become a professional at the sport comes at a cost of $5,000 and is done in Thailand. Flyboarding, like any other sport, needs high level of dedication, hard work and no small amount of skill.

The investment of owning the equipment is around Rs 25 lakh, which includes a jetski.

Flyboarding is rapidly becoming popular sport among adventure-seekers and as an attractive tourist activity.

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