Vernon photographer earns spot in Nikon's Top 100

Vernon photographer earns spot in Nikon's Top 100

Christiane Molendyk's photo that was chosen for Nikon's top 100 anniversary contest.Image Credit: Christiane Molendyk

VERNON - A uniquely ‘Vernon’ photograph is getting widespread recognition after being selected for Nikon’s 100th anniversary exhibition gallery.

The photo, which depicts a fly-boarder in mid-jump on Kalamalka Lake, was taken by Vernon’s Christiane Molendyk, of Forever Yours Photography.

Molendyk made Nikon’s top 100 out of 800 people who submitted as many as four photos each.

“Although I didn't win, I was super stoked when I was informed that one of my photos had been selected to be one of the 100 images to be apart of their touring exhibition gallery,” Molendyk said.

The tour went from Sept. 7 to Sept. 21, starting in Montreal and ending in Calgary.

Molendyk said she chose the image of the fly boarder because it's a fairly new sport.

“There isn't an over saturation — it felt fresh," she said.

She said the fly boarders were wanting to set a Canadian record for the most fly boarders up at the same time, which they accomplished.

"Up to this day I had never seen fly boarding," she said. "It peeked my interest and allowed me to sit and watch for quite some time that day along with many others."

"It was taken on our beautiful Kalamalka Lake and beautifully executed by the individual which allowed me to capture him at a peak performance.”

You can view the winning photographs here.

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