Water-powered jet pack wows on Conesus Lake

Water-powered jet pack wows on Conesus Lake

Conesus Lake residents were treated to a strange sight Sunday afternoon as a man, equipped with what appeared to be a water-propelled jet pack, hovered his way back and forth, a full 20 feet above the lake’s surface.

Lake resident Judy Koester posted a video of the man’s flight Sunday afternoon on the Conesus Lake Facebook page.

"What toy is this," asked Koester in her post. "Looks like fun!"

It didn’t take the online community long to chime in.

"It’s called a FlyBoard," posted Luke Brookhart in response, providing a link to the website of the company that makes the device.

The FlyBoard utilizes the suction power of personal watercraft, like a Jet Ski, to push water through a pair of nozzles attached via a hose to the underbelly of a board.

A user is strapped onto the board by their feet, similar to a snowboard, and can control their height by adjusting the board’s water pressure.

According to FlyBoard’s website, the closest authorized rental centers are in Buffalo and Chittenango, east of Syracuse.

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